Some Flirting Best Practices!

International Flirting Week is about to end. In fact, today’s the last day! Make the most of it by – what else – flirting! Here are some best practices that will help along the way:

• Men and women agree appropriate compliments and subtle touches are the best way to flirt. However, coming on too strong and invading personal space is the biggest flirting turn-off.

• Men are more likely to prefer sexual flirting such as a suggestive look, whereas women appreciate good manners such as holding a door open.

• Women are more likely to be put off by someone who comes across as overly sexual; while men are twice as likely to be turned-off by a corny pick-up line.

• Women use text messages to flirt more regularly than men.

• For both genders, a phone call is the least common channel for flirtation.

• Most people believe regular flirting is more important than marking special occasions with grand gestures.

Photo via Flickr. Creative Commons license, attribution no derivs.

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