Happy World Poetry Day from Zoosk

Did you know today is World Poetry Day? To celebrate, Zoosk teamed up with poet Indigo Williams to come up with these 5 tips on how to be more romantic with poetry.

1. Put a new twist on the old love letter

2. Create your own e-book of favorite love poems

3. Mixtape of Spoken Word love poems

4. Send a quick voice note or electronic card with a haiku

5. Turn a favorite poetic line into a Gif and send it in an email

Interested in how to use these tips in your own romantic life? Check out the full article with more detailed advice over at Female First! Happy Zoosking!

Photo via Flickr. Creative Commons Attribution License.

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2 thoughts on “Happy World Poetry Day from Zoosk

  1. Free and spirited, seeking out fun.
    Admiring the beauty of soaring in the sun
    Nothing I offer could compare
    To the freedom you experience out there
    Free to fly from tree to tree
    Free let the wind guide thee
    Free to fly from here to there
    Free to wander without care

    How ever could I dare ensnare
    A wild dove that has tasted free air?
    What punishment would that be
    To force a life with one like me?
    What love for me would you give
    Forced to leave the life you live?

    But still I hope to have you land
    and perch atop my offered stand
    To rest your wings if only a while
    Then my heart would truly smile.
    And though your stay may not be long
    I hope that it will make you strong

    Strong enough to face the fear
    Of uncertainty both far and near
    Strong enough to take the pain
    Of being lost out in the rain
    Strong enough to face the worry
    And outlast Mother Nature’s fury
    Strong enough my beautiful hen
    that you will find my perch again.

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