Four tips on being a great wingman

Thomas Edwards


It’s National Singles Week! In the spirit of the holiday, Zoosk reached out to professional wingman Thomas Edwards to get the scoop on being a great wingman or wingwoman for our single friends. Here’s what he had to say:

A wingman looks good. And makes their friend feel good. You will only look as good as your wingman. By both dressing well, it’s very easy for you to stand out — you may not even have to worry about approaching people as they may come up to you to compliment your style choices.

A wingman needs to be trusted and reliable. As a wingman, you follow your friend’s lead — but this doesn’t always mean you have to “take one for the team.” If your friend hits it off with someone, your primary responsibility is to keep their friend occupied so it doesn’t affect your friend’s chances. Your friend also needs to trust that you not only won’t go after the person they’re interested in but also not bad mouth them.

A wingman has something good to say about their friend. When it’s appropriate, take advantage of opportunities to say interesting things about your friend. Think about things that would sound like bragging if your friend were to say them themselves. There’s no better way to establish credibility of your friend’s awesomeness than by speaking highly of him or her.

A wingman always has a great time. Any successful night out with your wingman starts with you two. It’s your job as the wingman to set the tone and make sure that no matter what happens, you two will have a blast. Consistently entertaining yourself and not allowing distractions to derail your night will inevitably make people gravitate toward you — people love meeting others who know how to have a good time!

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