Congrats to Erin and Jim!

Congrats to Erin and her fiancé for meeting and falling in love on Zoosk! Here’s their story in her words:

My fiancé & I met on Zoosk back in Sept 2011 & our first date shortly after. Like with all dates you’re weary at first but from the moment I opened the door to him with a bouquet of beautiful flowers I just knew there was something about him. It wasn’t long after that we fell in love & in 8 months we were engaged on June 13, 2011. We have an incredibly healthy relationship & we strengthen one another bettering us individually & together as a couple. Both of our families mesh perfectly & they have voiced that they can see we are the type of love that will last through the ages. In 25 days (Oct.11, 2013) I will become Mrs. Griffin & I can’t wait. He is Prince Charming come to life. Fairy Tales do come true & with Zoosk’s help it came true for us 🙂

Keep your heart open,

Wow, amazing! We wish them all the very best. To submit a success story of your own, email your photo and story to success [at] zoosk [dot] com. By submitting your success story and image, you agree that your submission is governed by the Zoosk Success Story Terms, as well as Zoosk’s Terms of Use Agreement. Check out more Zoosk success stories here.  Happy Zoosking!

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