Zoosk featured on the Steve Harvey Show

Zoosk was featured on the Steve Harvey Show yesterday in a great segment on online dating!

Steve gave Chundria – who’d never dated online prior to using Zoosk – his 3 rules for a successful date after meeting someone online. Here’s a recap of Steve’s rules:

  • Don’t reveal too much personal information about yourself right off the bat.
  • To keep things short and sweet, make other plans for after the date.
  • Don’t drink.

Obviously these tips aren’t for everyone – in fact, the audience disagreed a bit on the “don’t drink” rule – but they worked for Chundria. She met a nice guy on Zoosk – and they have plans to go on a second date!

For more from the show, check out these tips from dating expert Bella Gandhi on why you should try Zoosk for online dating.

Happy Zoosking!

If you saw the segment, let us know what you think! Tweet at us or write a comment here on our blog.

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