Zoosk on the Wendy Williams Show

Zoosk was featured on The Wendy Williams Show today! Dating expert Dr. Ian Smith, author of The Truth About Men, gives his top tips on finding love on Zoosk.

Dr. Ian’s #1 tip is to stay positive. For more online dating tips, watch the short clip. It’s great advice!

Zoosk featured on the Steve Harvey Show

Zoosk was featured on the Steve Harvey Show yesterday in a great segment on online dating!

Steve gave Chundria – who’d never dated online prior to using Zoosk – his 3 rules for a successful date after meeting someone online. Here’s a recap of Steve’s rules:

  • Don’t reveal too much personal information about yourself right off the bat.
  • To keep things short and sweet, make other plans for after the date.
  • Don’t drink.

Obviously these tips aren’t for everyone – in fact, the audience disagreed a bit on the “don’t drink” rule – but they worked for Chundria. She met a nice guy on Zoosk – and they have plans to go on a second date!

For more from the show, check out these tips from dating expert Bella Gandhi on why you should try Zoosk for online dating.

Happy Zoosking!

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From the Heart: Break Ups

Over the last month, Heart Friend has been answering your dating questions on Zoosk’s Facebook page. He’s had fun offering you his sage advice week after week, getting to know you guys, and helping you on your path to finding love and happiness. But now it’s time for Heart Friend to say goodbye – for now – with a final dating advice segment, fittingly on the topic of break ups. The final installment of From the Heart is about “the end”. How to handle it? Gracefully, hopefully, and he has a few words to say on the matter. We hope that you’ll watch before saying goodbye – for now – and if you’re going through a break up, we hope we can cheer you up at Zoosk. Because we date smarter. XO.

From the Heart: Advice on Wooing


Heart Friend answers your dating questions every week on Zoosk’s Facebook page. This week’s question is about wooing! How to do it? Check out his video response to find out. Come back next week for more Heart Friend advice. Presented by Zoosk.

Zoosk celebrates International Kissing Day

Zoosk celebrated International Kissing Day by creating this video about international viewpoints on kissing. Check it out. It stars 8 of our very own international Zoosk employees! Enjoy!

Zoosk Presents: From the Heart

Heart Friend answers your dating and relationship questions every Sunday night at 8PM PST, starting next week. Visit Zoosk’s Facebook page to see if your question got the video response. Stay tuned for more! Presented by Zoosk.

Zoosk Presents: From the Heart

Hey there, this is the Heart talking to you. The love guru. Advice aficionado. Got a question for me? Check our Facebook page on June 17th, when we kick off the Q & A about your romantic journey. It’s Zoosk Presents: From the Heart.