Photos from Zoosk’s Saint Patrick’s Day Party

At Zoosk HQ, Saint Patrick’s Day was celebrated with live music, bangers and mash, and lots and lots of green beer. Everyone had a blast!

Want to celebrate with us? Take a look at the job postings on our career’s page. There are a lot of openings so if you see your dream job we encourage you to apply. Happy Zoosking!

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Pajama Jammy Jam at Zoosk Pictures

These photos are from a recent “pajama jammy jam party” (seriously, that’s what it was called) at Zoosk, and as they attest, it was a blast. Honestly who doesn’t want to roll out of bed and go to work in their pajamas from time to time? Throw in free pizza and hot buttered rum and what do you have? Loyal employees 🙂

Want to work in your comfy clothes? Check out our career’s page. There are lots of open positions!  Sweatpants won’t be a problem. Happy Zoosking!

Work for Zoosk!

Zoosk wants you to work for us! Find out about our office in downtown San Francisco, our workplace culture, employee relations, and open positions here on our Daily Muse profile. Interested in one of the opportunities? We invite you to apply! Hope to see you around the office soon 🙂

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Zoosk Housewarming Party

A couple weeks ago, Zoosk had an awesome housewarming party to officially warm the new office. It was, by all accounts, a blast. Great food, open bar, art gallery opening, and a fashion show – with a bona fide catwalk – all without having the leave the office! All in a day’s work 🙂 The rest of the pics are on Zoosk’s Flickr page.

If you like what you see here and think you’d be a good fit for Zoosk, why not take a peek at our career’s page? We growing quick and always adding to our list of open positions, so stop by periodically and submit your resume if anything sticks out to you. Happy Zoosking!

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Dog-Friendly at Zoosk Summer Picnic ’12

Last Friday, Zoosk had our 2012 employee summer picnic in Golden Gate Park, complete with a food truck, ice-cream cart, balloon animals, a cotton candy station, face painting, DIY tie-dying, and marginally competitive team sports. Oh, and dogs! Lots and lots of dogs – all sorts.  It was a lot of fun, and we can’t wait to do it again. Check out the rest of the album here! Oh, and if you like dogs and if you think working at Zoosk seems like something you’d like to do, make sure you visit our careers page to see all our open job listings. Happy Zoosking!

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