Zoosk Love Stories: Kari and Kevin from Arizona

Kari and Kevin are both adventurous, free-spirited, and fun-loving travelers. They met on Zoosk, discovered their compatibility, and now they enjoy the journey together. We caught up with them on a romantic getaway to Las Vegas to film their inspiring real life love story.

They really prove that love is a journey and not a destination and their happiness is so inspiring to see!

Happy Zoosking!

Zoosk presents Love Lessons on Selfies

Selfies make great profile pictures when done right. In this Zoosk Love Lesson, makeup artist Audrey gives a tutorial on how to take a pretty, natural selfie for your Zoosk profile pic. Enjoy and happy Zoosking!

Zoosk Presents: Love Lessons with a Personal Trainer

Zoosk talks to Ben, a personal trainer at SkyeFit gym about love. Because we all know a healthy body can lead to a healthy relationship! Continue reading

More from Heart Friend: Dirtbikes

Hope you enjoy the most recent addition from Heart Friend. Happy Zoosking!

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New ‘Heart Friend’ Commercial: Hovercraft

A new Heart Friend spot! Yippee! Because, we should always listen to our heart. Especially when it tells us: “hovercraft”.

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New Zoosk video: Mountain Man

Hot on the heels of our beloved Heart Friend commercial, here’s a brand new video starring our favorite “wacky Muppet-like puppet“! We call this one “Mountain Man”. Are you attracted to the outdoorsy type? Find one on Zoosk!

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Love Lessons from a Social Media Manager

Our latest Love Lesson video features the social media manager of Zoosk, who gives viewers a little brush up on their social media etiquette. Do you mind your manners?

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